Les Eaux Vives

‘Less is more’ is a phrase that resonates deeply with GEODORA as a brand. Both on an environmental level and in the aesthetic design of its fragrances.

The Eaux Vives collection has been composed like a set of watercolour paints, that can be worn at any time, and on any occasion. They are sophisticated but natural, light but persistent.

These are fragrances inspired by our own journeys, both real and virtual. Memories evoked by a delicate rose that releases its fragrance at dusk; a rare tea from the Fuji’s mountains; a summer evening on the quays of Brighton and a striking woody fragrance inspired by the rhythm of percussion.

These are perfumes that will make you feel good and leave you glowing with freshness.

Parfum Philéas fig Perfume - Eaux Vives

Phileas Fig by Geodora is not just a perfume, it's an invitation to travel through scents. Echoing the softness of a summer morning in Provence and the lush foliage of a fig tree in bloom, this fragrance brings a resolutely modern interpretation to the quintessential Provençal scent. With ingredients from five continents, it's a veritable olfactory odyssey awaiting its wearer.




Rose Angelus Perfume - Eaux Vives

It is a fresh spring floral fragrance inspired by the rose "Crépuscule d'été", which has the particularity of exhaling the fullness of its perfume at dusk. An ode to the rose, contemporary, natural, and tenacious. What makes it unique: Soft and silky composed like a fresh, tender and smooth rose petal.




Fuji San Perfume - Eaux Vives

A free and joyful interpretation of a souchong tea grown on the slopes of Mount Fuji, enhanced with hints of red fruits and fresh spices. What makes it unique: Energetic radiance in the combination of red fruits and tea.



Brighton Pier-eaux-vives-détouré

Brighton Pier Perfume - Eaux Vives

An airy fragrance that transports us to the elegant seaside resort of Brighton, where the east wind meets the short grass of the seaside greens to compose a bold floral fougère. What makes it unique: A fresh, very "British" and supremely elegant fragrance.



Bois instrumental-eaux-vives-détouré

Bois Instrumental Perfume - Eaux Vives

An olfactory transcription of a musical work for percussion evoked by an abundance of wood. Fresh spices and citrus fruits combines to make this fragrance a majestic spicy woody scent. What makes it unique: The glowing vibrance of its rich woody body combined with rare spices.




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Les Eaux Libres

The Perfumer’s Workshop

The Perfumer’s Workshop

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