Shining photophores

Each of our lantern designs is linked to the history of GEODORA. A young graphic designer from the region, with whom we also collaborated on the diffuser discs, illustrated the creative intentions of our perfumer.

Photophore: Christmas in the Provence Photophore

This illustration is inspired by the Provençal tradition of the thirteen Christmas desserts, including the four mendicants (grapes, figs, walnuts and almonds) representing four religious orders.


Photophore: the flowers of Grasse Photophore

This illustration is one of the most colorful ones in the collection of GEODORA photophores. It shows the various kinds of flowers in the region of Grasse and creates a happy and elegant ambiance with the glimmering photophore combined it with the delicious perfumes of our scented candles.


Photophore: the guiding star of Moustiers en Provence Photophore

This illustration celebrates our love for Provence and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, with the star replaced by our brand's symbol, illuminating windows for a festive ambiance.


Photophore: the olive crown Photophore

This illustration celebrates Provencal culture, its landscapes and cuisine taking the olive tree as a symbol of peace and emblem of the region. You are invited to decorate a festive table setting with this photophore and enjoy its enchanting light. 


Photophore: the perfumer in his hometown Photophore

This illustration reflects our attachment to Grasse since four generations, showing an 18th-century perfumer in a traditional outfit, surrounded by houses, the cathedral, a piece of leather and a distillation apparatus.


Photophore perfumes

Photophore: the saraband of bottles Photophore

This illustration embodies perfume through its emblematic bottle, an aluminum bottle produced in Grasse by a company awarded with the label of “entreprise du patrimoine vivant” is renowned for its optimal protection of fragrances.


Commandez votre roll on 3ml et recevez le sous 48h


Rien de plus simple en les commandant dès à présent en format un roll on de 3ml.

Pour se faire, dans la rubrique du parfum de votre choix, sélectionnez le format roll on de 3ml au prix unitaire de 6,00 € port compris pour la France Métropolitaine

Livraison sous 48H

Remboursement de votre roll-on si achat consécutif d’un parfum de 60 ou 120 ml.