The Perfumer’s Workshop

Dive into the heart of the perfumer’s profession

Immerse yourself in the world of perfumery by participating in our Perfumer’s Workshop. Hosted by the experts of GEODORA in the most picturesque setting, the course is interactive and personal.



A dive into the heart of the perfumer’s profession.
Through this workshop, designed in a playful way to encourage exchanges between GEODORA’s perfumers and the participants, the workshop offers an immersion in the often unknown world of scents.

Workshop in FRENCH or ENGLISH
2 hours, for 4 to 6 participants

95,00 € per person

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What you will discover:

  • The garden of scents starts off the journey into the world of perfume.
  • Perfume from all angles
  • Perfume break
  • Essential oils – a gift from the earth
  • Finally, explore the olfactory families of perfumery through some of the most beautiful essences available.
  • GEODORA’s eco-friendly choices


The workshop includes a 30ml bottle of a GEODORA Eau de Parfum of your choice, complete with an organic cotton pouch.

Testimonials from participants

A good, sweet time wrapped in a cloud of good smells. Best wishes for success.

signature témoignage Juliette F.

Very pleasant and friendly family time. To be discovered, very instructive and nice initiation. Thank you for this good moment.

signature témoignage Marie-France P.

A pleasure for all the senses and a great moment of sharing. Thanks to you.

signature témoignage Gwénola et Jean-Michel P.


Novel of a perfumer

Novel of a perfumer Accessories

Commandez votre roll on 3ml et recevez le sous 48h


Rien de plus simple en les commandant dès à présent en format un roll on de 3ml.

Pour se faire, dans la rubrique du parfum de votre choix, sélectionnez le format roll on de 3ml au prix unitaire de 6,00 € port compris pour la France Métropolitaine

Livraison sous 48H

Remboursement de votre roll-on si achat consécutif d’un parfum de 60 ou 120 ml.