Novel of a perfumer

Novel of a perfumer


This adventure story perfectly combines suspense, action and romance. An ideal book to make you dream and escape to the land of scents alongside endearing and intrepid protagonists. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by this thrilling tale.


Hugo Cabrisio, a renowned perfumer, meets a beautiful girl in a lap dance club in the 13th arrondissement of Paris with a bewitching scent on the eve of the inauguration of the new creation center of his perfume composition company.

This meeting will upset him to such an extent that he will leave the soft comfort of his Parisian life and abandon everything without hesitation to save the beautiful Milo fallen into the clutches of powerful and fearsome individuals.

The sedentary forty-something will prove to be reckless and intrepid during a crazy race which, thanks to a prototype of perfume tracer of a completely revolutionary kind, will lead him from Paris to London, from Rome to the Tunisian desert or even to southern Corsica.

In the course of his peregrinations, he will discover rare and magical places, love and carnal pleasures with Milo, an answer to his existential doubts, and the inspiration to create his olfactory masterpiece that he will name “In her wake”.

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Livraison sous 48H

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