The desirable candles

Les Bougies Désirables, made in France, are handcrafted with soy vegetable wax, guaranteed non-GMO. These commitments reflect the brand’s ongoing dedication to quality and authenticity.

But what makes these candles so desirable? Beyond their craftsmanship, they have been meticulously created to take those who light them on an unparalleled sensory journey.

Whether for a romantic getaway in a flower-filled garden, an invigorating stroll by the sea, or a cozy evening by the fireside, each candle promises an absolute immersion into a space of serenity and well-being.

scented candle oud

Candle Bois Magnétique bougie parfumée

BOIS MAGNÉTIQUE is a candle with a powerful fragrance that is both Zen and almost mystical. Notes: Frankincense, Saffron, Oud


scented cedar candle

Candle Cèdre Flamboyant bougie parfumée

CÈDRE FLAMBOYANT is an addictive candle scent where red fruits blend passionately with woods, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Notes: Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Mandarin, Cedar, Mimosa, Jasmine, Musk


Candle Envoutant Safran bougie parfumée

ENVOUTANT SAFRAN offers a sensual and enveloping dive into the delights of the Orient. Notes: Mimosa, saffron, rose, honey


vanilla, scented candle, musk

Candle Nuage de Vanille bougie parfumée

NUAGE DE VANILLE is a candle with a simply irresistible fragrance of softness and velvety, milky, creamy luxury. Notes: Vanilla, fruity raspberry, musk, sandalwood


bougie parfumée orange

Candle Oranger Solaire bougie parfumée

ORANGER SOLAIRE is a scent of blooming orange gardens that will brighten your days and evenings. Notes: citrus, orange blossom, white flowers, vanilla.


scented candle, sensual woman, tiaré flower

Candle Sensuelle Tiaré bougie parfumée

SENSUELLE TIARÉ is an evocative and relaxing fragrance that unwinds you and brings profound enjoyment. Notes: Tiaré flowers, musks, exotic fruits, Ylang Ylang


Commandez votre roll on 3ml et recevez le sous 48h


Rien de plus simple en les commandant dès à présent en format un roll on de 3ml.

Pour se faire, dans la rubrique du parfum de votre choix, sélectionnez le format roll on de 3ml au prix unitaire de 6,00 € port compris pour la France Métropolitaine

Livraison sous 48H

Remboursement de votre roll-on si achat consécutif d’un parfum de 60 ou 120 ml.