Essential oils

Pure, and 100% of natural origin, a selection of Ethiquessences to diffuse in your home to benefit from their many properties in aromatherapy.

Huiles essentielles-gingembre-détourée

Blue Ginger from Madagascar Éthiquessence, Éthiquessence

Blue ginger is renowned for its strength of body. Lemony at its essence, it is infused with rosy floral notes. Said to be an aphrodisiac, digestive and curative in its properties, this essential oil is an ideal daily tonic. 10 mL bottle.


Huiles essentielles-geranium-détourée

Geranium Bourbon from Madagascar Éthiquessence, Éthiquessence

The essential oil of Geranium Bourbon is famous for its innumerable virtues. It is considered first of all as soft anti-infectious (antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal). In addition it has tonic properties that promote blood circulation. It is also anti-inflammatory, stimulating. A must-have. 10 mL bottle.


Huiles essentielles-lavande- détourée

Lavender from Ventoux Éthiquessence, Éthiquessence

Lavender is a remarkable nervous re-balancer, a powerful anti-spasmodic and calming and relaxing in its qualities. Its sedative qualities act as an antidepressant, as well as a heart tonic and a hypotensive aid. An overall healer and regenerator of the skin, it can be used as a general disinfectant. 10 mL bottle.


Huiles essentielles-mandarine-détourée

Mandarine from Calabria Éthiquessence, Éthiquessence

Strong and calming to the nervous system, the essential oil of tangerine is known for its anti-spasmodic, sedative and relaxing effects. It promotes serenity and is also a digestive tonic and has slightly laxative properties. 10 mL bottle.


Huiles essentielles-patchouli-détourée

Patchouli from Bali Éthiquessence, Éthiquessence

The essential oil of patchouli is balancing, it stimulates the venous system and improves the lymphatic tonus. It helps in meditation and also has an aphrodisiac element. 10 mL bottle.


Huiles essentielles-vetiver-detouré

Vetiver from Haiti Éthiquessence, Éthiquessence

Vetiver is renowned for its tranquilising and relaxing properties. Stimulating arterial circulatory and strengthening the immune system, it is said it can help in the cessation of smoking. 10 mL bottle.



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