Solid soaps

Our solid soaps are 100% natural and composed of only a few key ingredients of superior quality.

– All solid soaps are made with organic olive oil.
– Our soaps contain 9% surgras
– GEODORA’s ethical essential oils offer all the richness and beauty of their natural scents and the benefits of their active ingredients.

No additives, no colourants, and an ancestral manufacturing method guarantees high quality and ethically sound products for your skin.
The benefits of our soap recipes and our cold saponification (which is a natural reaction between a vegetal oil and sodium hydroxide) method are numerous.

savon géranium

Soft soap with Geranium Bourbon of Madagascar Solid soaps

This geranium soap leaves a delicate floral scent on your skin and perfumes your home with its fresh rosy scent. Its essential oil offers anti-bacterial and stimulating properties. 100g Soap.


savon Vétiver

Soft soap with Haitian Vetiver Solid soaps

GEODORA’s Haitian vetiver is one of the most precious varieties produced on this Caribbean island. Its woody and herbaceous freshness leaves a delicate imprint on the skin. Its essential oil promotes relaxation while stimulating the circulatory system. 100g Soap.


savon lavande

Soft soap with Lavender from Ventoux Solid soaps

All of Provence is contained in the fresh, clean and comforting scent of this soap. , clean and comforting scent of this soap. This richly dosed essential oil brings relaxation, healing and soothing to your skin. 100g Soap.


Savon Patchouli

Soft soap with Patchouli from the island of Bali Solid soaps

The essential oil of patchouli offers a moment of great relaxation with its scent of underwood. Its richly dosed essential oil is balancing and stimulates the venous system and promotes lymphatic tone. 100g Soap.


Being sustainable means nothing goes to waste, so plant the seeded paper labels around our soaps in a pot of soil and enjoy beautiful wild flowers a few weeks later.


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The Perfumer’s Workshop

The Perfumer’s Workshop

Commandez votre roll on 3ml et recevez le sous 48h


Rien de plus simple en les commandant dès à présent en format un roll on de 3ml.

Pour se faire, dans la rubrique du parfum de votre choix, sélectionnez le format roll on de 3ml au prix unitaire de 6,00 € port compris pour la France Métropolitaine

Livraison sous 48H

Remboursement de votre roll-on si achat consécutif d’un parfum de 60 ou 120 ml.